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NO.1 Which is the fastest way to recover a file or a complete file system?
A. Use SnapFS to copy data back to the source FS.
B. Use Volume Copy to mount the target and copy data back.
C. Use MaxRep to copy back data from DR site.
D. Use CloneLUN, mount LUN, and copy data back.
E. Use NDMP to restore the data back from tape.
Answer: C

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NO.2 What three statements are true about Storage Domains?
A. They help to isolate data at the Disk Enclosure level to meet security or regulatory compliance.
B. They help to optimize performance by isolating different data types that may conflict each other.
C. They are ideal for use with multitenancy environments to ensure physical isolation.
D. They are licensed by a number of domains.
E. Multiple tier cannot be mixedwithin a Storage Domain.
Answer: B,C,E


NO.3 The storage administrator would like to include the logs from the Oracle FS System Manager
when initiating a full log collection. Which optionshould be included?
A. Create Log Bundle
B. Download Log Bundle
C. View UI Client Logs
D. Send Log Bundle to Call-Home Server
Answer: B

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NO.4 Select the correct role for the built-in login ID administrator.
A. Adminstrator1
B. Oracle Support
C. Primary Administrator
D. Support
Answer: B

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NO.5 Identify where in the FS System Manager the Storage Administrator can check the number of
frames dropped from first-in or first-out buffer that have occurred on the channel associated with a
particular Fibre Channel (FC) port.
A. SAN > Statistics and Trending > Controller Protocols > Actions > View Details > RND Errors
B. SAN > Statistics and Trending > Controller Protocols > Actions > View Details > Underrun Errors
C. SAN > Statistics and Trending > Controller Protocols > Actions > View Details > DMA (Direct
Memory Access) Errors
D. SAN > Statistics and Trending > Controller Protocols > Actions > View Details >System Errors
Answer: C

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NO.6 Which two statements are true about new Auto-tiering in FS1?
A. Auto-tiering can be used as a mechanism to a change RAID level without service disruption.
B. There is a policy to set up the data movement, such as Pin, Learn & Hold, Continuous.
C. It works only with SSD and DRAM.
D. SSD tier in Auto-Tiering is used only for caching, not to store the data.
Answer: B,D

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NO.7 Where in the Oracle FS System Manager can a storage administrator locate the number of users
currently logged in?
A. Dynamic Status Bar
B. Menu Bar
C. Content Pane
D. Navigation Pane
Answer: D

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NO.8 What is the benefit of creating host groups?
A. easily managing the mapping of a LUN to a logical collection of SAN hosts
B. easily managing the grouping of logical volumes
C. easily managing the FS1 Path Manager for a logical collection of SAN hosts
D. easily managing the grouping of a LUN to a logical collection of SAN hosts
Answer: C

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