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NO.1 Your company does a full backup on Sunday night and incremental backups from Monday
through Saturday at midnight. The full backup requires two tapes and each incremental backup
requires one tape. There is a system failure Wednesday morning.
How many tapes will be used to restore to the most current backup?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: C

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NO.2 After the storage administrator merged two multi-vendor FC SANs, an error indicates that two
ports have become isolated causing a segmentation to exist in the fabric.
Which two events would cause this? (Choose two.)
A. Overlapping zones
B. Different port names
C. Unsupported routing protocols
D. Different link speeds
Answer: A,C

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NO.3 You are performing an FC switch replacement and you want to ensure that no hosts will be
disconnected from its storage.
Which multipathing software feature, on a server, must be supported and configured for a server to
continue to have access to the fabric attached storage in this scenario?
A. Active-passive
B. Path failover
C. Round-robin
D. Standby
Answer: B

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NO.4 You have two new FC switches from the same vendor and want to connect them together. You
have ensured that the domain IDs are unique, switch names are unique, and the firmware levels are
identical. When you connect the ISL cables from one switch to the
other, the fabric does not merge.
What should be confirmed?
A. Ensure the ISL ports are E_Ports.
B. Ensure the ISL ports are B_Ports.
C. Ensure the ISL ports are F_Ports.
D. Ensure the ISL ports are N_Ports.
Answer: A

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NO.5 You have replaced an HBA and are trying to add it to an existing zone using the FC switch GUI
interface. You are unable to do so.
Why is this happening?
A. The OS login has not occurred.
B. The Web login has not occurred.
C. The fabric login has not occurred.
D. The port login has occurred.
Answer: C

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NO.6 A number of servers are experiencing slower than expected performance. Analyzing the server,
switch, and storage logs do not indicate any issues. You have been asked by the customer to address
this issue.
What will improve performance?
A. Increase the current queue depth setting from 1.
B. Change the frame size from 2148 bytes,
C. Decrease the buffer-to-buffer credits setting.
D. Enable write caching functionality for the device driver.
Answer: A

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NO.7 You need to implement a solution for a high transaction database which should have the lowest
write latency as possible and still be able to sustain a failure of a single drive in a RAID group.
Which type of RAID you would use?
D. RAID 10
Answer: C

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NO.8 Some business critical database applications have been suffering from slowly increasing
performance issues with one enterprise SAN-attached storage system. In particular, the applications
are showing higher than normal read response times.
What should the storage administrator monitor to determine the root cause?
A. Storage utilization
B. Available free space
C. Write response time
D. Cache hit rate
Answer: D

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