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Code d'Examen: 312-92
Nom d'Examen: EC-COUNCIL (EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer v2)
Questions et réponses: 99 Q&As

Le test EC-COUNCIL 312-92 est test certification très répandu dans l'industrie IT. Vous pourriez à améliorer votre niveau de vie, l'état dans l'industrie IT, etc. C'est aussi un test très rentable, mais très difficile à réussir.

Le test de Certification EC-COUNCIL 312-92 devient de plus en plus chaud dans l'Industrie IT. En fait, ce test demande beaucoup de travaux pour passer. Généralement, les gens doivent travailler très dur pour réussir.

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312-92 Démo gratuit à télécharger:

NO.1 Travis, a senior systems developer for YNY Services, received an email recently from an unknown
source. Instead of opening the email on his normal production machine, Travis decides to copy the email
to a thumb drive and examine it from a quarantined PC not on the network. Travis examines the email and
discovers a link that is supposed to take him to Travis decides to get back on his
production computer and examine the code of that site.
From the following code snippet, what has Travis discovered?
function object() { setter = captureobject
function captureobject(x) {
var objstring =
for(fld in this) {
obstring += fld + :
this[fld] + , ;
obstring += email:
+ x;
var req = new XMLHttpRequest(); GET ,
escape(objString), true);
A. URL obfuscation
B. XSS attack
C. JavaScript hijacking
D. URL tampering
Answer: C

EC-COUNCIL   312-92 examen   312-92 examen

NO.2 Fred is planning on using the windows socket application ClientApp.exe program to create a client-side
application that his employees will use. This program will access backend programs from two different
remote sites over WAN connections. If Fred does not make any modifications to the ClientApp.exe default
settings, what port must he have the network engineer open in order for the application to communicate?
A. 21
B. 23
C. 25
D. 80
Answer: D

EC-COUNCIL   312-92   312-92   312-92

NO.3 John is creating a website using ASP. John s web pages will have a number of calculations, so he
decides to create an include file that the pages will call so he does not have to rewrite the formula
numerous times. John s website will be hosted by a server running IIS. John wants to ensure that the
include source code is not revealed when the pages are viewed, so he gives the include an .asp
When IIS processes the include file, which system file will be used to hide the include source code?
A. ASP.dll
B. Include.dll
D. IIS.dll
Answer: A

EC-COUNCIL examen   certification 312-92   312-92 examen   312-92 examen

NO.4 What security package is implemented with the following code.?
dwStatus = DsMakSpn
ldap , ,
rpcStatus = RpcServerRegisterAuthInfo
A. Diffie-Hellman encryption
B. Repurposing
Answer: A

EC-COUNCIL examen   312-92   312-92   312-92   312-92

NO.5 Wayne is a gaming software developer for a large video gaming company in Los Angeles. Wayne has
just completed developing a new action/adventure game for the company that is to be released soon. To
protect the company s copyright on the game, Wayne would like to incorporate a technology that will
restrict the use of the digital files by controlling access, altering, sharing, copying, printing, and saving.
What technology does Wayne want to use?
D. Diffusion
Answer: C

EC-COUNCIL   312-92   312-92   certification 312-92

NO.6 Shayla is designing a web-based application that will pass data to and from a company extranet. This
data is very sensitive and must be protected at all costs. Shayla will use a digital certificate and a digital
signature to protect the data. The digital signature she has chosen to use is based on the difficulty in
computing discrete logarithms. Which digital signature has she chosen?
A. Rabin
B. Diffie-Hellman
D. ElGamal
Answer: D

EC-COUNCIL   312-92   certification 312-92   312-92

NO.7 Which Linux command will securely delete a file by overwriting its contents?
A. rm rf /
B. Shred
C. ps rm
D. del rm
Answer: B

EC-COUNCIL   312-92   certification 312-92   312-92 examen

NO.8 Kenny is the CIO for Fredrickson Entertainment, a gaming software company in Omaha. The
developers in Kenny s company have just finished creating a 3D first person shooter game that will be
released to the market within the next couple of months. Kenny is trying to decide what type of license or
activation code structure they should use for the game to prevent piracy and protect their product. Kenny
decides to go with an approach that will allow each sold copy to be activated online up to five times
because he knows his users might have multiple PCs or might need to reinstall the product at some point.
What type of activation policy has Kenny decided to go with?
A. Loose license enforced
reasonable use
B. License terms enforced
fair use
C. Strict license terms enforced
D. Monitor only mode
Answer: A

certification EC-COUNCIL   312-92 examen   312-92 examen   certification 312-92   certification 312-92   312-92

NO.9 Steve is using the libcap library to create scripts for capturing and analyzing network traffic.
Steve has never used libcap before and is struggling with finding out the correct functions to use. Steve is
trying to pick the default network interface in his script and does not know which function to use. Which
function would he use to correctly choose the default interface in the script?
A. pcap_open_live
B. pcap_int_default
C. pcap_lookupdev
D. pcap_use_int
Answer: C

EC-COUNCIL   312-92 examen   312-92

NO.10 Harold is programming an application that needs to be incorporate data encryption. Harold decides to
utilize an encryption algorithm that uses 4-bit working registers instead of the usual 2bit working registers.
What encryption algorithm has Harold decided to use?
A. Blowfish
B. RC5
C. RC4
D. RC6
Answer: D

EC-COUNCIL examen   312-92 examen   312-92

NO.11 David is an applications developer working for Dewer and Sons law firm in Los Angeles David just
completed a course on writing secure code and was enlightened by all the intricacies of how code must
be rewritten many times to ensure its security. David decides to go through all the applications he has
written and change them to be more secure. David comes across the following snippet in one of his
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
int number = 5;
putchar( \n );
printf( number (%p) is equal to %d\n ,
&value, value);
What could David change, add, or delete to make this code more secure?
A. Change putchar( \n ) to putchar( %s , \n )
B. Change printf(argv[1]) to printf( %s , argv[1])
C. Change printf(argv[1]) to printf(constv [0])
D. Change int number = 5 to const number =
Answer: B

EC-COUNCIL examen   312-92   certification 312-92   312-92

NO.12 Devon is an applications developer that just got back from a conference on how to correctly write code.
Devon has a number of programs he has written that access data across WAN links, so he is particularly
concerned about their security. Devon writes a script in C++ to check the security of the programs running
on his internal servers. What will the following code from Devon s script accomplish?
#include <iostream>
#include <socket.cpp>
#include <util.h>
using namespace std;
bool tryPort(int p);
string target("");
int main(int argC, char *argV[])
printf("PlagueZ port scanner 0.1\n");
int startPort = getInt("start Port: ");
int endPort = getInt("end Port: ");
target = getString("Host: ");
printf("[Processing port %d to %d]\n",
startPort, endPort);
for(int i=0; i<endPort; i++)
printf("[Trying port: %d]\n", i);
if(tryPort(i)) // port open
printf("[Port %d is open]\n", i);
printf("------Scan Finished-------\n");
return 0;
bool tryPort(int p)
SocketClient *scan;
scan = new SocketClient(target, p);
catch(int e) { delete &scan; return
false; }
delete &scan;
return true;
A. Scan the perimeter firewall for DoS vulnerabilities
B. Create socket connections to the remote sites to check their security
C. Close off any ports used by malicious code
D. Scan for open ports
Answer: D

certification EC-COUNCIL   312-92   certification 312-92   312-92

NO.13 After learning from an external auditor that his code was susceptible to attack, George decided to
rewrite some of his code to look like the following. What is George preventing by changing the code?
public voif doContent(...) {
String s;
if ((s = getUsernameByID( userid )) != null) {
s = StringUtils.encodeToHTML(s, 50);
response.write( <br>Applicant:<u>
+ s +
</u> );
A. Query string manipulation
B. XSS attack
C. Cookie poisoning
D. SQL injection
Answer: B

EC-COUNCIL   certification 312-92   certification 312-92   312-92 examen   certification 312-92

NO.14 What would be the result of the following code?
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
char *input=malloc(20);
char *output=malloc(20);
strcpy(output, normal output );
strcpy(input, argv[1]); printf( input at %p: %s\n , input, input);
printf( output at %p: %s\n , output, output);
printf( \n\n%s\n , output);
A. Stack buffer overflow
B. Heap overflow
C. Query string manipulation
D. Pointer Subterfuge
Answer: B

EC-COUNCIL   312-92   312-92   312-92   312-92

NO.15 Processes having the CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE
can listen on which ports?
A. Any TCP port over 1024
B. Any UDP port under 1024
C. Any TCP port under 1024
D. Any UDP port over 1024
Answer: C

certification EC-COUNCIL   312-92   312-92 examen   312-92

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